Disability Discrimination

Are you a Victim of Disability Discrimination?

  • Are you physically or mentally disabled?
  • Did you disclose your disability to your employer and then found yourself a victim of: Harassment, Demotion, Termination or Involuntary job transfer?
  • Have you asked your employer for a reasonable accommodation and it was ignored or denied?
  • If you required leave from the workplace due to your disability did you employer fail to offer you medical leave time?
  • Did your disability result in absences from the workplace that now your employer is using against you as means to terminate you?

The above are just a few examples of what it means to be discriminated against due to your disability. Situations like the above are very sensitive, freighting and can have a further effect upon your mental and physical health.  Most employees have no idea what steps they should/can take to address a disability related issue, be it a request for an accommodation or a claim of disparity on the basis of their disability.  What happens if after you request an accommodation you find yourself suddenly facing retaliation, a demotion, a reduction in your hours or worse, termination?  Can your employer really do that?  Call Employee Rights today to discuss your particular disability related matter so that we can first listen, then assist and direct you down the right path to resolution.


As a victim of disability discrimination, it is imperative that the employee knows that they only have 180 days from the last act to file a valid claim against their employer. Do not delay in calling ER if you feel that you are or have been a victim of disability discrimination.

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