Race Discrimination

Race discrimination is not only illegal, but a personal matter that requires care and understanding.

Have you been a victim of any of the following acts?

  • You were not hired due to your race?
  • You were denied a position due to your race?
  • You are a victim of ethnic slurs or derogatory racial comments?
  • You were denied a promotion or opportunity because of your race?
  • Racial slurs, comments or prejudicial treatment has created a hostile work environment?
  • You are being treated differently than other employees, including harsher disciplinary actions?
  • You have been denied promotions, training, or other employment benefits because of your race?
  • You have suffered a form of retaliation because you complained of racial discrimination?
  • You have been wrongfully terminated because of your race?

Employee Rights is committed to assisting, supporting and/or representing employees who find that they are a victim of racial discrimination or harassment in the workplace. If you believe that your employer is treating you differently or harassing you because of your race our agency is waiting to hear from you. Let Employee Rights level the playing field and help you get your career back on track. Let our dedication and passion for righting the wrong work for you.


As a victim of racial discrimination, it is imperative that the employee knows that they only have 180 days from the last act to file a valid claim against their employer. Do not delay in calling ER if you feel that you are or have been a victim of racial discrimination.

The contents of this website is not to be construed as legal advice.  Employee Rights is a non-attorney employee advocacy agency and any information provided throughout its website is for informational purposes only.